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How much does a bathroom cost ? is the most commonly asked question in the bathroom industry.

And truthfully there is no set answer. But in this article we will give you the most accurate answer we can so you have more of an insight when you are looking for your dream bathroom and what may make the cost go up or down.

The most important thing to ask yourself before thinking about your budget or where you would like to go shopping is what type of job do I want doing? Is this bathroom for a rental property ? is this just to make the bathroom tidy because you want to sell your property? Are you doing other work in the house and you need to keep to a set budget? Or is this a bathroom for a house you plan on staying in and take pride in using and want to create a beautiful space in which you can relax every night after a busy day at work? Only you can answer that.

.But just to be clear there is no right or wrong on this, this is all down to personal preference, and circumstances.

In the bathroom industry we would say there are 3 levels.

Level one – trade quality, this is usually for anyone on a budget or looking  to renovate or rent out property. There are some really good deals to be had here at times, using many of the high street shops you see on tv such as b&Q , wickes, screw fix , plumb centre, amongst other more smaller independent companys like Clifton trade bathrooms or easy bathrooms . Again all of these companys are brilliant in their own right and serve a real purpose in the bathroom industry.

Level 2- independent privately owned showrooms. Medium to high end products. These are the type of companys in my own opinion where the owners really take pride in what they sell, or they should. Usually in an independent showroom you have direct access to people who have been in the industry a long time, they have either come from manufacturing or the installation side and decided to set up on there own. This pays huge dividends with advice as usually the owner & staff have had direct access to the products they sell or how they are made and also there reputation is really important so they really take pride in service and quality whilst also making your dream bathroom an affordable bathroom.

Level3- high end- again 95% of the time these bathroom showrooms are independently owned and provide next level services when it comes to product quality & one on one service. If your walking into these bathroom showrooms its safe to say you would need a budget for one bathroom of at least 12-15k per bathroom.

So by breaking the bathroom supply chain into 3 levels we have tried to make it more understandable for you. If you have a budget for level1 but are walking into a level 3 showroom you will be disappointed and discouraged about your bathroom renovation.

So below I will give you a rough price for each level and service included.

Level 1 – supply & install from £2999 to £5000. In this kind of package its just a case of getting the job done. There will need to be compromises on fitting quality & products. Usually this will be a plumber sourcing the products for you. Or you going shopping around at different outlets for deals or online, it can be time consuming and stressful doing it this way but on the plus side you are saving money which is a positive. The bathroom design will be pretty basic doing it this way as the more exciting products and colours are not usually available around this price for example black taps etc, and if they are available this brings to our attention what are the quality of these products? Do they come with guarantees and the customer care later down the line?. But don’t let that put you off, this kind of level as its perfect for people using it for certain reason like I listed above, its just our responsibility to make you fully aware so you have the knowledge when moving forward into your journey.

Level 2 – supply & install from £6200 to £12500. . Affordable luxury. As stated above this kind of price point is where your mid end independent bathroom showroom will sit. Usually the product cost will be from £3000 upwards and the rest of the cost will be installing it to a very good standard. When your around this level you should expect to see some really good one on one service and be given the knowledge about what is included and different design options available. If I use ourselves as an example we would give you a free measure service and also a one on one design appointment using 4d virtual worlds software so you can see the bathroom before you have been given the price. The benefits of this are that you get to be really involved in what goes in your bathroom and have a really good input on your design etc. there are many other showrooms across the uk that offer this service and we believe this is the best way to do it as it gets you really involved but also takes out a lot of confusion at the design stage. Around this budget you can have options of most things available in the bathroom industry when it comes to brassware colours tile colours different sizes and designs. You should also be guided through the process aswell. To the point that when the bathroom has been designed and the fitters book you in you don’t need to do anything. What a lovely position to be in right? The majority of customers we see have been around the level 1 mark for there first bathroom understand the pitfalls and on there second bathroom or there forever home they want that better service and knowledge that is available.

Level3-supply & install from  £12500 to £50000. This is now a high end bathroom, achievable in an independent showroom. A lot more product choices available and a choice to choose from the best in the bathroom industry for installation. We have all walked in somewhere and thought wow. Well this is the kind of showroom that can get you something that’s really at the peak of whats available. In my 15 years experience I haven’t come across many customers that even if they could would spend £50000 on a bathroom but it does happen. Just like when you see someone driving your dream car and it takes your breathe away. On this level you really want to be receiving the top service. Usually you would have a project manager from start to finish and it can takes weeks to design and plan something of this magnitude. So I guess the main question would be is this something your looking for?

So now you have your basic pricing structures of how much a bathroom costs? Now you can see why its so difficult right? But we can always try.

In our opinion in all the levels of pricing customer care should be a given as it’s a standard of work no matter what a customer is spending but this isn’t always the case . do your research on reviews.

We just want you to have some basic knowledge before starting your journey into what type of job you want doing and what type of company you want doing it. I can tell you confidently that tubs n taps sits in the level 2 bracket. But if you ever needed a point in the right direction for whatever you need we would be more than happy to help you.

All we want is for people to have a better understanding and be more equipped at this stage for what what type of job you want doing.

The key take aways are that the process should be

 1. Enjoyable

 2. Engaging

 3. Bring happiness & what you wanted at the start

This is key to creating a new space in your home. Make it personal to you and let yourself go when design a bathroom or any other room for that matter.

You know where we are if you need us?